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Informed youth and sane parents during Election 2018

As Election 2018 looms on the horizon, and political (and often emotional) tensions intensify in parallel, many parents find themselves on the receiving end of questions about this somewhat opaque process. For children and youth who are actively tuned in to political issues, challenges with understanding the mechanics of our government, and limited opportunities to influence these systems can be a frustrating dynamic to navigate. One of the best ways to educate and empower our youth is to share the voting experience. The following articles offer some helpful information about how to talk to kids about voting and how to involve them in the process:

If your kids want to do more, this article describes some great ideas on ways to get children and youth engaged in social and political causes:

Want to know what's at stake for our children and youth and how you can speak up for them when they can't cast their own ballots?

How do mental health issues show up on the ballot in 2018? Here's another resource:

Happy voting!

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