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Compassionate, person-centered, and developmentally informed

Our Approach

We are licensed clinical psychologists who specialize in providing evidence-based assessment and treatment to children, adolescents, and young adults. We are passionate about helping youth and  their caregivers manage challenges and move toward optimal functioning. 


We conduct diagnostic testing and practice evidence-based psychotherapy using a compassionate, developmentally-informed, and person-centered approach.  We specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), though we also draw heavily on techniques that help connect the mind and body such as mindfulness and relaxation training.  We also specialize in neuropsychological evaluations (particularly for individuals with underlying medical concerns), as well as psychoeducational testing. Our approach to testing is developmentally-informed and multidisciplinary, focusing on identifying multiple aspects of physical and psychological health that may be contributing to current difficulties. 

Both Dr. Craig and Dr. Blalock completed their formal training and early careers in academic medical settings, with a broad range of clinical experiences with individuals from early childhood to adulthood experiencing a variety of physical and psychological challenges, including serious medical illness (e.g., cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, sickle cell disease, seizure disorders).  This background continually informs our multidisciplinary approach to testing and treatment, and enriches our emphasis on the interconnections between our physical and emotional selves.

Therapeutically, we wholly believe that the goal of the therapist is to help an individual unlock and develop the tools needed to navigate challenges (e.g., pain, anxiety, trauma) with an increasing degree of independence, using primarily cognitive behavioral and mindfulness based strategies. Our goal is to help individuals be the steward of their own health and wellness. With this in mind, our approaches are designed to be time limited. 

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