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Dreary weather dampening your mood?

Rainy, grey skies and an earlier sunset have you feeling a little less perky than usual? It's not your fault. We have just transitioned into a new season here in Durham, and you may be feeling it! Although the clock on your cell phone has likely made the Daylight Savings Time (DST) change for you, your body may still be working to recalibrate. The following article provides some context for why the change to DST can leave us off-kilter.

One of the simplest ways to combat seasonal changes in mood is by seizing the opportunity to soak in sunlight when the clouds clear. Get outside, even if its just for a walk to the mailbox, or better yet take a family member on an autumn stroll through your neighborhood (your canine family members may be particularly grateful!). Other small changes like wearing bright colors, making sure you're getting enough vitamin D, staring a new project, or embracing the coziness of a fire and warming beverage are all ways you can take the reins with your mood even when it's dreary out.

Another solution to explore may be an infusion of artificial sunshine, provided by a light box. If you're having a trouble navigating the season change, talk to your physician about whether this tool may be right for you. To read up on this strategy, check out the following:

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